The theme of the project is my family, those who have passed away and those of us left

My two Fine Art practices will be painting and drawing.
My research will include looking at photos from the past. I will be thinking about how I am
dealing with grief and how I am coping after the loss of my family. This way I can put my
feelings into my artwork.

It is a hard subject to do but I want to honour my family who have passed away and do them
justice in my drawings and paintings. I also will be looking at the passing of time. Drawing
and painting photos of my daughter and myself is something I have never done before. It will
be interesting to use photos of both of us as a child and adult, experimenting with different
materials and colour schemes to see what is the best outcome.

Using tracing paper and an overhead projector will be effective in exploring different ways to
develop my drawing skills. Researching different styles will also be useful to get influenced
by and use similar ideas in my art. Books about drawing will be useful for learning how to
paint faces and mixing colours to get skin colours properly.

When experimenting with scale i will use an overhead projector to help with proportions.
I would like to capture the viewer’s attention to see the difference between my new artwork
and my old style. I will add my previous artwork into my portraits as I enjoy using mixed
mediums and experimenting to find which mediums will work together.

Abstract art interests me and I would like to try doing an abstract portrait of myself. Acrylic
paint will be my primary painting medium. I will be looking at Expressionism and trying to
paint in that style myself, it will be to express the feeling that I can escape into my paintings
showing the happiness in my life having a new start. It will be difficult swapping colours
instead of doing skin colours after being used to doing it realistically. I will endeavour to use
bold colours.

Acrylic pouring is something I have wanted to try for a while and will be interesting to do, I
would like to arrange a portrait on top of the patterns. I would like to capture my face
amongst the colour.

I have to be aware of the impact of this project on my mental health as drawing my family
who have passed is a very emotional thing to do. Hopefully this will be a healing process for

Martha Bowes

My Granny Martha, Grandad Henry, Mum, Dad and brother Jason have all passed away. The act of painting/drawing them has helped keep them alive in our memories and has helped with healing.