Malfunction by Roseanne Bowes

The theme of my project is Me focusing on my health and the struggles I have with it, exploring the impact of my illnesses separately and combined, with my thyroid difficulties to the fore in the past year. Butterflies will represent both the thyroid and act as a symbol of rebirth and change. I want to present Me, the exterior I present and the interior truth which is my health issues and their effect on how I think, how I live and how I present myself to the world. I will also be exploring the concept of medication and the positive side of it where I get to improve my quality of life because of it.

I will do self portraits with both sketches and photographs as well as studying myself in the mirror, I will use drawing to express how I am feeling. I will look at books of self portraits and see how artists have expressed their view of self and hardship.I will also look at artists that explore themes of imperfection and difficult times.

Drawing and painting will be my two fine art practices. I will experiment with charcoal, pastels and graphite sticks to produce bolder and less refined drawings, whereas pencils and ink pens will have a different effect. This is something I will be practising in my local classes. Using words in my art will allow me to express myself in a different light while still being within the boundaries of my two Fine Art practices.

Acrylic pouring is a medium that interests me greatly, it is not something I have done before but will be effective to show contrast between the flowing patterns and sharp lines based on graphs of my thyroid results.

I wanted to show the malfunctioning of my thyroid and thought about when technology glitches, and this effect would be a good metaphor for how I am feeling. Acrylic pens would be a good medium to use for this, as a line drawing.

I will try experimenting with tracing and an overhead projector to help with technical skills when drawing faces. I will primarily be using acrylic paint but will experiment with watercolour paint.

This is a pencil drawing based on a picture taken after I had been given gluten (I have coeliac disease)